The Impact of a Tee

Why shirts?

Often, we hear the question, “Why T-shirts?” In the beginning, before TWLOHA was even a non-profit, there was only one shirt, and it served the purpose of helping to pay for one person’s treatment. In early 2006, there was no plan to start an organization or create a movement. But as TWLOHA began to grow, we continued to use merchandise as a way to fund this work.

When you wear TWLOHA, you’re joining a movement of people who believe —without a shadow of a doubt— that
hope is real.

But the shirts, hoodies, bracelets, and hats aren’t only about long-term financial support for the organization. Every piece of merchandise has a much bigger purpose. They’re a conversation starter. They’re something that ties supporters together as a community. They spread the TWLOHA message to someone who might not have found us otherwise.

The Impact.

We're on a mission to change the culture surrounding mental health and to connect people to affordable, professional resources. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our merchandise. Making a purchase through the Online Store is a way for you to get involved in sharing hope and help.

Here's what we've seen so far this year:


pieces of merch carrying the message that hope is real around the globe.


connections to mental health resources through info cards included in each order.

Every shirt

sparks hope through meaningful words, storytelling, and conversations.

we're so glad you're here.

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