How can I contact you?

Our email address is merch@twloha.com. However, you may be able to find a more immediate answers for International Orders, General Shipping, and Returns and Exchanges on our Policies page.


How do your shirts fit?

Most products on the store feature sizing charts in their descriptions. If you find a product that doesn't have a sizing chart and would like to know how the sizes run, please reach out to us at merch@twloha.com.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We accept orders from almost anywhere in the world. All orders ship from the US, and we would highly recommend checking out our International Orders Policy section before placing your order.


I received the wrong item/an item is missing from my order, what do I do?

Please contact us at merch@twloha.com! You will not have to pay to return orders that arrive incorrect or incomplete, and we will make sure that your order is fixed. For other returns/exchanges, check out our returns and exchanges policy.


Can I purchase your products wholesale?

Our products cannot be purchased wholesale. If you are planning a benefit, fundraiser, or would like merch for another reason, please email info@twloha.com.


Why shirts?

Often, we hear the question, “Why shirts?” In the beginning, before TWLOHA was a nonprofit, there was only one shirt, and it served the purpose of helping to pay for one person’s treatment. In early 2006, there was no plan to start an organization or create a movement. But as TWLOHA began to grow, we continued to use merchandise as a way to fund our work. While we do receive additional income from programs, supporter donations, and speaking honorariums, we have always been unique in that our primary source of revenue is the sale of our merchandise, rather than private donations or government grants. But the products we sell aren’t only about long-term financial stability for the organization. Every piece of merchandise has a much bigger purpose. It’s a conversation starter. It’s something that ties supporters together as a community. It spreads the TWLOHA message to someone who might not have found out about us otherwise.