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We Will Not Be Silent Shirt


Stigma exists when silence is the loudest voice in a conversation. It thrives when we are too frightened to speak up because remaining silent about our pain and our struggles has become the unspoken rule among our friends, families, and peers. And if we do go against the grain, we expect to be met with objection and ignorance. But when we let stigma win, we deny healing and the possibility for change, and the help people deserve. That you deserve. 

In the face of damning and damaging narratives surrounding mental health, we will not be silent. We will use our voice as an invitation to see all the places our stories can collide, where we can work toward healing.

On behalf of your story and so many others’ lives and journeys, we will not be silent. We will continue to share stories and invite you to do the same. We will seek points of connection: to peers, to counselors, to coworkers, across borders and generation gaps. We will meet each other in all manner of ways, but never with silence.

TWLOHA We Will Not Be Silent design printed on a 100% cotton black and white unisex shirt.

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