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The Black and White Collection


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- Four Unisex T-shirts from The Black and White Collection: 
(You Are Not Your Pain [Black], Hope is Defiant [White], People Need Other People [Black], We Will Not Be Silent [White])

Welcome to May. Today marks the start of Mental Health Month in the United States. To us, this month represents the progress we’ve made, the challenges we still face, and above all else, the people and the stories we are fighting for. This month exists because many people have yet to accept that mental health is worth our collective attention every month—because there’s a chance it might require yours every week, every hour, every breath.

The conversations that happen this month—or in any moment that we actively choose to challenge stigma—have the potential to get messy and minimized. There is no shortage of misunderstanding that threatens to steal the focus and dignity away from the conversation as we demand progress on behalf of those struggling. As it has been since the beginning, our mission is to encourage and inspire you to share your story with honesty and openness, to feel heard and supported.

In honor of Mental Health Month, we’re highlighting four statements we believe to be non-negotiable. These are words and ideas that have guided our mission since day one. To us, these statements are Black and White.

TWLOHA Black and White Collection designs printed on a 100% cotton black and white unisex shirt.

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