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Renee Yohe Ring


Renee Yohe inspired the original TWLOHA story in 2006. Since then, she has written a book and performed music as Bearcat. She is played by Kat Dennings in the To Write Love on Her Arms movie. Most recently, Renee started Maudeduam Jewelry, where she hand-wraps and designs each piece sold. The ring pictured here was designed exclusively for TWLOHA supporters.

"Spiral Outward, Keep Going."
When I made the ring, I had that lyric in my head.  I see life as a cycle of growth and change.  I kept the wire closest to the stone clean, but incorporated weaving patterns to show different seasons of life, hope, and change.  The patterns also represent how relationships and community work on us, making life more intricate and beautiful.  Everything is connected.   - Renee Yohe

Because each ring is made by hand, the individual rings might differ slightly from the image shown here. Each order will also include a card from Renee. 
NOTE: Only a limited quantity of rings are available.

Constructed of copper wiring and glass bead.