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Hope Is Defiant Shirt


As we challenge stigma and fight for those hurting, there is a good chance it will feel uncomfortable or even oppressive at times. But hope is defiant. Hope refuses to see growth denied, it refuses to be complacent with a sigh or shrug. Hope is confident that tomorrow does indeed exist. It is an evergreen reminder that things can get better if we try, if we fight, if we don’t give up.

You have embodied this hope already; just by waking up you have defied all the factors that have sought your story’s premature ending. There is a boldness in your breathing, a spark still within you that threatens the darkness you've known. And even on the days you don’t see it, know that we do. And know that we will always hold that hope for you.

You matter.

Your story is important.

You are not alone.

TWLOHA Hope Is Defiant design printed on a 100% cotton black and white unisex shirt.

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