Festive Sweatshirt – To Write Love on Her Arms.
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Festive Sweatshirt

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"If I could erase the lies my mind tells me, I would. What I can do, however, is find hope in the tiny oases around me.

These oases show themselves in shooting stars, in the wag of a dog’s tail, and in the smile of a stranger. They are the 3 A.M. conversations with friends that leave you feeling loved in new ways. ...

As humans, we possess an ability and a charge to be what brings someone else into their oasis of hope. We can do our best to understand, to highlight the beauty in the world that people may no longer see, and beyond that, we can love and hope ourselves. Because hope is ever present so long as we continue to be hope for one another." – Jack Kline, "Oasis of Hope"

TWLOHA Festive design on a 80% cotton / 20% polyester fleece unisex sweatshirt.

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