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Contrast LOVE Zip Hoodie

$48.00 $30.00

Going all the way back to the original TWLOHA story, contrast is something we think about and talk about. My friend Kory and I aimed for it when we worked on the original (TWLOHA) Title logo three years ago. It's the reason we chose black and white. To represent pain and hope. Addiction and sobriety. Our dreams and our fears. Life and death. These odd couples and these battles seem to be everywhere - i see them on the news and i see them on the street and i feel them in my chest - and yet they tend to stay as secrets.

We're not smart enough to fake it, so from the very beginning, we decided we would just do our best to say the honest thing, to put it all in one place and say "Let's talk about it." Maybe if you're honest about the darkness in a room, maybe then you can begin to show someone the light.

It's black and it's white and we're calling it "Contrast". We might be idealists to the point of believing that a sweatshirt be more than a sweatshirt, that what we wear can be an expression of what's important to us and the kinds of conversations we hope to have.

*Please note: unisex sizes.

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